Repeater | Sander Add-On Tool

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Perfection made easy. The repeater is an Ultimation Sander accessory for when you need multiple pieces exactly the same! Save time, reduce material waste, and enjoy perfectly replicated pieces.

Product Features:

  • Easily attaches to existing sander with no modifications
  • Positive stop
  • Self feeding
  • Micrometer dial adjustment (1/1000 inch increments)
  • Accurate angles with 1/2 degree

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Customer Reviews

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Engineering Excellence

Elevating scale model building to a new level of precision and accuracy. that was previously unattainable with other tools on the market. The repeater is manufactured with high quality materials and tight tolerances that will last a lifetime while providing consistent results without drift.

Jose Hernandez
A truly amazing product l, and even greater business.

I ran into the ultimation sander from some world renowned modellors. Everyone swore by this sander and its easy to see why. I didnt have to wonder if this product really worked its clear to see. You don't have to wonder about the mechanics or what makes this produxt work. It's a simple design and those are usually the ones that work the best. Everything on this sander has a purpose and makes sense. And as soon as I am able to, I will definitely be buying a couple of back ups. It seems like everytime an amazing product comes out, they don't last very long. I would be horrified if this sander ever went out of sale. Even though I'm pretty sure the one I have right now will definitely out live me, it's just good to know I have some back ups just to ease the mind

Tom Tribley
.002” too long? DONE!

If you’ve already got the Ultimation Sander, you realize what precision is possible with it! Want to raise the bar even higher? The repeater will allow you to do that! The 1/1000” graduations on this thing aren’t there for looks! It’s actually possible to make that tiny of adjustments with it! I can’t imagine having the sander and not possessing the Repeater too! Al Collins raised the bar on modeling tools when he developed the Ultimation line of tools, and you can do the same with your modeling precision by using tools like the Repeater! Well worth the cost!

Dave Adams
I needed this years ago!

I purchased the Sander at the 2019 National Narrow Gauge Convention and waited for delivery from Canada. It arrived in short order and I started to play with it, and then use it for model building. It is nothing short of fantastic, and I have used it to true up all kinds of materials - plastic, brass, white metal, aluminum and even wood. Mr Collins offered a special on the Repeater for attendees of one the early National Narrow Gauge Zoom meets, and I ordered it during the show! It arrived just in time to be used in the construction of a SP wood portable stock loading chute. The sander with repeater made short work of turning out the boards and posts needed with the proper angles on the ends and where needed, to uniform lengths.
It is now earning it's keep by sanding posts and beams to length with a myriad of different angles on the ends that will be part of a round house.
I almost did not buy the sander as I had only a few structures left to build for my railroad, and I thought that is a lot of money for only a few more construction projects. I have no regrets for pulling out my wallet at the convention and later on during the NNG Zoom meet. This is a must have tool for builders!

Keith Stamper
More use for the repeater

I recently found another use for my repeater tool.
I was faced with reducing the axle length on many sets of wheels for my rolling stock as the original wheels were of very poor quality. I had to find a way to cut axles from another supplier to fit the trucks on several On3 cars.
I used a file to reduce the axle to fit the truck and then measured the desired length.
Using the repeater tool allowed me to insert each axle and remove the precise amount of axle material on each end. I had 8 cars done in under two hours as opposed to sitting and trying to file each end of the axle down. This tool works with all type of materials and in the past year, I have made extensive use of it for multiple purposes. Awesome tool.