A New "Angle" in Precision Tools!

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"Ultimation Sander" extremely accurate, easy to use, and a great time saver. Gave me the confidence to build large "O" Scale trestle  I had wanted to do for some time.

Viv Reynolds (long time model builder.)

I don't know how I would have done the intricate decking for my "O" Scale wharf without the "Ultimation Sander." This is an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to make accurate angle cuts.

Gerry Cornwell. Fast Tracks Modelworks and Mt. Albert Scale Lumber

After years of searching for an easy-to-use, precision sander, I found the "Ultimation Sander." Bullet proof construction and finger tip control. Perfect joints every time . And no batteries required !

Craig Parry C.E.T (Retired)

Finally a device with the precision, and accuracy our hobby has been waiting for. "Ultimation Sander." Hand operated, infinite precise control, creates accurate results, and prize winning models

Brad Makaric- Sr. Design leader, Valiant TMS

New from Ultimation!

Meet the Slicer - the ultimate tool for making precise square cuts in wood & plastic material.


"convenient, precise, consistently accurate"

The Ultimation Sander - first in our series of ultimate precision machines for model makers

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