Video Demonstration & Instructions

Introducing "The Ultimation Sander, a disc sander for model makers"

Al Collins of "Ultimation" introduces the "Ultimation Sander", a precision hand powered 5 inch disc sander specifically designed for scale model makers.

Ultimation Sander | Repeater Arm Tutorial

Al Collins of "Ultimation" demonstrates the "REPEATER" attachment for the "Ultimation Sander". This accessory is easily attached to an existing sander, giving model builders the ability to reproduce numerous components with exactly the same dimensions. Angles and lengths can be accurately reproduced as often as required.


Demonstration of the Ultimation Sander with Repeater Add-On Tool

Al Collins demonstrates using the Repeater to make consistent parts for a wood trestle on The Backshop Clinic. Clip courtesy of

Installation Instructions - Repeater Add-On Tool