Sander, Repeater & Slicer Package

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The ultimate package with all three precision tools.


  • Ultimation Sander
  • Ultimation Repeater (Add-On to the Sander)
  • Ultimation Slicer

Customer Reviews

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If your building R/C planes from small scale right up to 1/3. This sanding tool is a must. The joints in my 1/3 D7 slide in, no gaps. If your serious then you know gaps are the killer for cyano. You end up with sloppy over glued connections. Tight joints are the best, you only get one shot on the internal pores. Thin CA is the best way to build long lasting joints. This tool is the fastest way to achieve those results. My favorite tool in my hanger!

John Newcome
Impressive quality right out of the box!!

It has been a long time since I've been so impressed with a hand tool I purchased right out of the box. There are no cheap plastic parts here, just precision fitting metal parts with etched measurement scales. I build wooden sailing ship and aircraft models. I purchased the sander, slicer and repeater. These tools will definitely improve the quality of my work. You have a great product here.

Wayne Hansen
Unbelievable ( model ship builder )

Recently purchased and have been using it for about a month now and have not been able to put it away. It has been the most useful and accurate tool set I have come across with accuracy and repetitiveness . Nothing flimsy about these . wish I would’ve purchased it years ago. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Next Level

These tools are a must of you're looking to bring your modeling to next level perfection.
Regardless of what you're building, the ability to make 2 or 2000 of the EXACT same piece in a timely manner now exists with these tools.
I have used many cutters and sanders in the past, some budget, some not, and nothing I know of on the market compares to the quality and precision of these tools.
Al Collins has truly crafted the ultimate modelers assistant.

Coby Wegman
First Class

The Ultimation sander was recommended by a model boat builder and suits my 1/12 scale dollhouse hobby perfectly. Not being a fan of power tools, the sander provides more control in preparing angles and flush surfaces for gluing. I love it’s sturdy construction and precision settings.
The slicer allows me ease of cutting wood and cardboard . The lever action requires little effort to make repeated accurate and crisp cuts.
All aspects of the purchase, packaging and shipping to Australia was first class.