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The Ultimation Sander is a precision hand powered disc sander for model makers.

Ideal for building model railways, model boats, model planes, or doll house miniatures. The hand powered disc allows precise control of sanding speed for more accurate stock removal, giving you consistently perfect results.

Save time, and save material. Works equally well on wood, styrene, brass, or nickel silver.

Sander Features:
  • Repeatable accuracy within 1/2 degree
  • Rubber edge disc for fingertip control
  • Default 90 degrees, perfect right angle every time
  • Can be easily bolted down, or clamped to work surface
  • All angles are factory set, but can be realigned if necessary

If you need multiple pieces made exactly the same, check out the NEW Repeater Add-On Tool 

The Ultimation Sander is Made in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
elman montes

Nice whaao it’s great,thanks

Lon Getlin
Reviewing both the sand and the slicer

Without a doubt, if you're building tiny stuff (I'm building the USS Constitution)--and you can afford to invest in your hobby--BOTH the slicer and sander will pay for themselves ten times over in time saved and quality produced. Both are just awesome! Equally impressive is the quality of their construction. These are industrial sized tools in miniature. My great grandchildren will be able to use these things in 50 years from now.. My only regret: I didn't know these tools existed when I began my ship model. In the world in which we all live, mediocrity seems to be the rule rather than the exception. It's so nice to come across products that are truly superior in performance and will last for years!

Bill Smith
RC Airplane Builder

This is an amazing tool I use building RC and Free Flight airplanes. The manual control and very accurate miter gauge help me make very accurate parts when building my planes.
Highly recommended.

John Graham
Just what the doctor ordered!!

Gone are the days of using a disc sander and high RPMs and heat when only a very fine amount of sanding is required. This sander is awesome. And such control!!! It is my new go to tool and expertly made. Highly recommended!

Christopher Grieder, C & R Circus Products in Miniature
Made My Life Better

I am more than pleased with the "Sander"! Everyone that does model building should have one of these, maybe two. You can tell when it comes out of the box that you have a professional machine. The smooth motion of the crank and the precise settings are fantastic. Being able to mount to your bench with the pre-drilled holes is something more companies should think about.

Adding the "repeater" has made my work of producing the same parts for my Circus Model business quick and easy.

Ultimation has customer service that is top rate and helpful. Don't wait buy one now you will not regret it!

C & R Circus Products in Miniature